Bucks Fizz

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Bucks Fizz es una banda inglesa de pop, formada en 1981 para competir en el festival de la canción de Eurovisión de ese año. Ganaron con el tema "Making Your Mind Up" comenzando una exitosa carrera. On the 4th April 1981, history was to be made as four relatively unknown singers Mike Nolan, Cheryl Baker, Bobby G and Jay Aston, collectively known as Bucks Fizz, represented the UK at that year's Eurovision Song Contest. Bucks Fizz performed the timeless classic tune Making Your Mind Up, together with the now famous skirt ripping dance routine. This was one of the most up-tempo songs of the evening, and with only two rounds of voting to go, it was a three-way tie between Germany.

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Bucks Fizz, Making Your Mind Up, The Land of Make Believe, My Camera Never Lies, Land of Make Believe, Now Those Days Are Gone, When We Were Young, If You Can't Stand The Heat, Piece of the Action, Talking In Your Sleep, London Town, New Beginning (Mamba Seyra), I'd Like To Say I Love You, Run For Your Life, I Hear Talk, One of Those Nights, Rules Of The Game, Heart of Stone, Golden Days, Magical, Getting Kinda Lonely, It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas - Deleted End Section, Love In A World Gone Mad, You And Your Heart So Blue, Are You Ready, Thief In The Night, New Beginning, Easy Love, Every Dream Has Broken, Whats Love Got To Do With It?, Another Night, One Way Love, Cold War (Extended Version), Now You're Gone, Midnight Reservation, Love Dies Hard, Lady Of The Night, It's Got To Be Love, It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas (Deleted End Section), Twentieth Century Hero, Took It To The Limit, Where The Ending Starts, Breaking And Entering, The Right Situation, I Do It All For You, Shine On, Making your mind, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, Stepping Out, Indebted To You, My Camera Never Lies (12" Version), Don't Stop, Takin' Me Higher, What Am I Gonna Do, Tears On The Ballroom Floor, When We Were Young (12" Club Mix), Cold War, Running Out Of Time, The Land of Make Believe (2008 Extended Version), Piece of the Action (Demo), Invisible, Here's Looking At You, One Touch Too Much, Surrender Your Heart, Breaking Me Up, Identity, Love In A World Gone Mad (1985 Version), Keep Each Other Warm, Love the One You're With, I Used To Love The Radio, When We Were at War, Shot Me Through The Heart, Making Your Mind Up (United Kingdom), She Cries, Making Up Your Mind, One Touch (Don't Mean Devotion), London Town (Extended Club Mix), I'd Like to Say I Love You (Alternate Mix), You Love, Love, January's Gone, Oh Suzanne, Always Thinking Of You, Where Do I Go Now, Talking In Your Sleep (Extended Version), Censored, When The Love Has Gone, Pulling Me Under, My Camera Never Lies - 12" Version, El Mundo De Ilusion (The Land Of Make Believe - Spanish Version), Don't Turn Back, Young Hearts, Give A Little Love, Run for Your Life (2008 Extended Version), You Love Love, Evil Man, When We Were Young - 12" Club Mix, The Company You Keep, Don't Think You're Fooling Me, Soul Motion