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There are multiple artists called BOB: 1. A Washington DC area based hard rock band. 2. An early 80s San Francisco new wave/punk band 3. A Dutch punk-rock band. 4. An Austrian electro-pop-band. 5. A Swiss/German techno duo. 6. An 80s British indie band. 7. A 90s/00s California Bay Area ska-punk band. 8. A 90s post punk band from Atlanta. 9. An Icelandic experimental/noise band. Biographies are listed below: 1. The Washington DC based band: bob has been changed to "Super bob" (all lowercase) also found by going to www.

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Bob, Airplanes [feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore] - Explicit Album Version, Nothin' On You [feat. Bruno Mars], Airplanes, Part II [feat Eminem & Hayley Williams of Paramore] - Explicit Album Version, Magic - Feat. Rivers Cuomo, Airplanes - Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore, Bob, I'll Be In The Sky, Past My Shades [feat. Lupe Fiasco], Yes for sure, Magic [feat. Rivers Cuomo], Let It Be Known, Push, Ghost In The Machine, What We Do, Lonely As It Takes, For The Last Time, Paradise, Cali, Busted Dreams, On The Floor, Coffee And Guns, Convenience, Yafi, Don't Let Me Fall - Explicit Album Version, Bet I [feat. T.I. & Playboy Tre] - Explicit Album Version, The Kids [feat. Janelle Monáe], El Chupacabra, Tip The Board, Bump In The Road, Nothing On You, Price Tag, Nancy, Don't Let Me Fall, Lovelier Than You, Fame - Explicit Album Version, Morningstar, So Good, Pleasure To Meet You, 5th Dimension [feat Ricco Barrino], Rock N Roll, Legalize Marijuana, Nothin' On You feat. Bruno Mars, prune, On Top Of The World, Trigger Man, O Fortuna, Airplanes, Beyond Your Fingertips, The Things That You Do, Airplanes [feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore ] - Amended Album Version, Harlem Shuffle, Airplanes [feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore] (Amended Album Version), Haterz Everywhere, Please To Meet You, Epic (Feat. Playboy Tre, Meek Mill), Thomas Edison, Rock 'n Roll, Nothin' On You - Feat. Bruno Mars, Cloud 9, Fear Factor Intro, BoB -NY NY Main Master, what a performance, Magic, Nothin' On You, Real Talk, My Story, My Girl Gotta Girlfriend, Lost, B.O.B. & J.O.E., How You Do that, Nothing For Something, Shotwell, Decatur, Airplanes, Part II [feat Eminem & Hayley Williams of Paramore] (Amended Album Version), Trousercide, Morning Star, Banana Phone, Gangsta, Kirsty, Who You Are, Lonely People, Haterz, Brian Wilson's Bed, Airplanes (Feat. Hayley Williams), Nothin On You, Idle, piggery, Auto Tune, Haters, Hollywood, Sing My Song, In the Good Ol' Summertime, I Love Trash, deary me, BOB LOVE, Problems, Southern Smoke, People in Your Neighborhood