Blood Orange

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Músico, productor y compositor que ha colaborado con varios artistas importantes como Chemical Brothers, Florence and the Machine o Theophillus London entre otros, y todo esto con apenas 25 años. Se ha sacado de la manga un nuevo proyecto acompañado de un excelente disco repleto de influencias del funk, sintetizadores, mucho 80's, rock, garage y minimal… Blood Orange is the name of more than one artist. 1) alias of Devonté Hynes 2) rock band from Nottingham, UK 3) A Swiss Goth band. 1. Blood Orange is another alias of Devonté Hynes also known as Lightspeed Champion and member of the now defunct Test Icicles. His first release under the 'Blood Orange' moniker was in June 2009 via his personal blog. 'Said No' and 'Champagne Coast' appeared as a ltd. 7" bonus disc for the fourth release on Rise's album of the month club.

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Blood Orange, You're Not Good Enough, Chamakay, Sutphin Boulevard, Uncle Ace, Champagne Coast, It is What It Is, No Right Thing, Chosen, Best to You, Forget It, Clipped On, Always Let U Down, Time Will Tell, On the Line, High Street, Augustine, Dinner, I'm Sorry We Lied, By Ourselves, E.V.P., Chance, S'Cooled, Can We Go Inside Now?, Bad Girls, With Him, Complete Failure, The Complete Knock, Love Ya, But You, Desirée, Instantly Blank (The Goodness), Hands Up, Are You Sure You're Really Busy?, Hadron Collider, Squash Squash, Better Than Me, Juicy 1-4, Thank You, I Know, Better Numb, Sandra’s Smile, Is It All Over My Face & Tower Of Meaning, Champagne Coast - Clock Opera Remix, Uncle ACE - a/jus/ted Remix, Uncle ACE - Kindness Remix feat. Robert Owens, Bone Dry, The Complete Knock (Bottin Mix), Sutphin Boulevard (Bicep Remix), Champagne Coast - Krystal Klear remix, Instantly Blank, Toshito - In Flagranti Remix, In Flagranti - Tishito remix, Uncle ACE (a/jus/ted Remix), You're Not Good Enough (Holy Ghost! bootleg), Lay Down In Swimming Pools by Mutya, Keisha & Siobhan, Neptune (Feat. Starchild), Forget It (Class Actress Remix), E.V.P, Champagne Coast (Clock Opera Remix), Sandra's Smile, Said No, On The Line (Star Slinger Edit), Do You See My Skin Through The Flames?, Champagne Coast - Mike Simonetti remix, You're Not Good Enough - Holy Ghost! Remix, Uncle ACE (Kindness remix feat. Robert Owens), Drop Dead, YOURE NOT GOOD ENUFF (HG! BOOTLEG) fake master, Said No (Bonus Track), Champagne Coast (Krystal Klear Remix), Sutphin Boulevard (DEMO), Champagne Coast (Mike Simonetti remix), Uncle ACE (Kindness Remix) [feat. Robert Owens], Chamakay (Feat. Caroline Polachek), West Drive (Profit Vocal Dub 2), I Should Have Known Better, Falling Apart, Sutphin Boulevard Part 2 (Concluded), 8.He Doesn't Even Know That I'm Alive, 2.Sex Cray, Telling (What's Wrong With Me?), Secret Sights, Casper Valleys, Best To You (feat. Empress Of), Uncle ACE - Kindness Remix, Lives & Treasure (Acrylics Cover), 1.Get Fresh, 3.Huge Quit Part 2 Feat. Erika Forster Spring, Desiree, Hold On, We're Going Home (Drake Cover), High Street feat. Skepta, Toshito (In Flagranti Remix), Youre Not Good Enough, 6.Telling (What's Wrong With Me?), Huge Quit Part 2 Feat. Erika Forster Spring, LightHouse (covering NewVillager), Instantly Blank Part 2 (Teacher) [NO FEMALE VOCALS MIX 1], Get Fresh