Black Mountain

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Black Mountain es una banda de rock con tres álbumes a cuestas que surgió en Vancouver (Canadá), como parte de un colectivo de artistas (saltinbanquis, teatreros, pintores, etc) llamado Black Mountain Army. Sus miembros son Amber Webber, Matt Camirand, Jeremy Schmidt , Joshua Wells y Stephen McBean. El sonido de la banda resulta una muy elaborada sopa de sabores de los setenta: en su segundo álbum, titulado In the Future, hay cortes que en ocasiones suenan a la banda de Iommi y Osbourne (Black Sabbath) Black Mountain is a psychedelic rock band which formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2004. The band is currently consists of Stephen McBean (guitars, vocals), Amber Webber (vocals), Jeremy Schmidt (keyboards), Colin Cowan (bass, keyboards) and Joshua Wells (drums). The band has issued four albums - Black Mountain (2005), In the Future (2008), Wilderness Heart (2010) and IV (2016) and two EPs, Druganaut (2004) and Bastards of Light (2008) on the Jagjaguwar label.

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Black Mountain, Stormy High, Wucan, Angels, Stay Free, Tyrants, Druganaut, Queens Will Play, The Hair Song, Evil Ways, No Satisfaction, Don't Run Our Hearts Around, Wild Wind, Bright Lights, Old Fangs, Modern Music, Night Walks, Set Us Free, Rollercoaster, No Hits, Heart Of Snow, Let Spirits Ride, Radiant Hearts, Wilderness Heart, Faulty Times, Buried By The Blues, The Way To Gone, The Space of Your Mind, Sadie, mothers of the sun, Florian Saucer Attack, Defector, You Can Dream, Constellations, Space to Bakersfield, Cemetery Breeding, Line Them All Up, (Over And Over) The Chain, Crucify Me, Buffalo Swan, Bicycle Man, Bastards of Light, Thirteen Walls, Mary Lou, Phosphorescent Waves, Black Cat, Druganaut (extended), No Satisfaction (Campfire version), Embrace Euphoria, In Sequence, Behind The Fall, Breathe, No Satifaction, In the Drones, Druganaut - Extended Remix, Voices, Lucy Brown, Shelter, Untitled, It Wasn't Arson, 01 - Modern Music, Set Us Free - Demo, Black Mountain - Demo, 02 - don't run our hearts around, No Satisfaction - UK Radio, 06 - No Hits, 05 - Set Us Free, Black Mountain - Old Fangs, Druganaut (extended remix) (Extended), 07 - Heart Of Snow, 01-black_mountain-the_hair_song, No Satisfaction - Campfire Version, 02-black_mountain-old_fangs, 04-black_mountain-rollercoaster, 03-black_mountain-radiant_hearts, [untitled], 05-black_mountain-let_spirits_ride, The Hair Song (J Mascis Remix), 07-black_mountain-the_way_to_go, 08-black_mountain-wilderness_heart, Black Mountain - Mary Lou, 06-black_mountain-buried_by_the_blues, 10-black_mountain-sadie, 09-black_mountain-the_space_in_your_mind, Black Mountain - The Hair Song, Full Performance (Live on KEXP), no hits (unkle surrender sounds session 3), Black Mountain (Demo), No Hits (Unkle Remix Surrender Sound Session 3), Black Mountain - Stormy High, No Satisfaction (UK Radio), Set Us Free (Demo), Black Mountain - Hair Song, Cementery Breeding, Black Mountain - Angels, Hair Song, No Hits [U.N.K.L.E. Surrender Sounds Session #3], Druganaut [Multimedia Track], 03 03 - Druganaut