Belinda Carlisle

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Dada a conocer en la banda de los 80 The Go-go's, precursora de The Bangles, Belinda dio el campanazo con su gran exito en solitario Heaven's a Place on Earth. Desgraciadamente, y a pesar de su calidad como cantante y de los temas editados (La Luna, Circle in the Sand, Leave a Light on Me, Mad About You,etc..) su productora no supo rentabilizar su carrera, y eso que la critica la comparaba como competidora de la propia Madonna, y con una mala campaña de marketing Belinda quedò relegada a ser conocida por un reducido publico. Belinda Carlisle (born August 17, 1958 in Hollywood, California) is the lead vocalist and a founding member of the all-female New Wave band Go-Go's. She is also a successful solo artist. A former high school cheerleader, Carlisle is the eldest of seven children. Early Career and The Go-Go's Carlisle's first venture into music was a brief stint as drummer for the punk band The Germs under the name Dottie Danger, although illness prevented her from ever performing with them live.

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