Beenie Man

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Beenie Man Nombre Real: Moses Davis Nace el 1973 Nace en: Kingston Jamaica Beenie Man acertadamente proclamó a sí mismo, King Of The Dancehall, hace un par de años y nadie en la batalla basado en la cultura bateó un ojo-azote. ¿Por qué? Porque cuando se trata de chats y riddems, Beenie Man es el alfa y el omega. Esto es, los 33 años de edad, nativo de Kingston, nacido Moses Davis, pero mejor saber 'de todo el mundo como Beenie Man, es el movimiento dancehall personificada. Anthony Moses Davis (born August 22, 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica), better known by the stage name Beenie Man, is a well established reggae artist and DJ. He was involved in the music industry from a young age when he won the Tastee Talent contest in 1981. Only one year later, when he was eight years old, he recorded a single, "Too Fancy", with record producer "Junjo" Lawes. By 1983, Beenie Man was recording with heavyweight DJs, such as Dillinger and Fathead and released his debut album

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Beenie Man, King Of The Dancehall, Who Am I, Girls Dem Sugar, Street Life, Hmm Hmm, Romie, Dude, Bookshelf, Miss L.A.P., Who am I (Zim Zimma), Slam, Girls Dem Sugar - Feat. Mya, Row Like A Boat, Come Again, Dancehall Queen, Girls Dem Sugar (feat Mya), Let Him Go, Foundation, Feel It Boy, Heart Attack, World Dance, Party Hard, Good Woe, Im Drinking Rum & Red Bull, Back It Up, Undisputed, Gimme Gimme, Tell Me, Girls, Jamaican Ting, Bad Girl, Ole Dawg, Hmm Hmm (Dirty), King of the Dancehall (album version), Nuff Gal, Chacka Dance, Love All Girls, Crazy Notion, 100 Dollar Bag, Wine Gal, Oysters & Conch, Walk Out, Feel It Boy (feat. Janet Jackson), Blackboard, Original Tune, Gangsta Life, product of the ghetto, Ziggy Zung, All Girls Party, Haters And Fools, My Woman, Back Against The Wall, Bossman (feat. Lady Saw & Sean Paul), You Babe, Set You Free, Pure Pretty Gal, Girls (feat. Akon), Gospel Time, Mobster, Heights Of Great Men, Yaw Yaw, Battery Dolly, 9 To 5, Analyze This, Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie, Let's Go, Reverse Di Ting, Gimmie Gimmie, Ganja Farm, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Memories, Swing It Weh, Silent Violence, Big Up And Trust, Art And Life, Get On Bad, I'm Ok, Eloh, Trus Me, Who Am I?, Set Away, Bossman, Girls Dem Sugar (feat. Mya), Bossman - Feat. Lady Saw & Sean Paul, The Best That I Got, Love Me Now, Modelling, I've Got A Date, No Mama No Cry, Dutty Wine Gal (Feat. Brooke Valentine), Miss Angela, Im Drinking / Rum and Red Bull, Toy Friend, Press Button, Healing, Gwaan So, Year 4, Pu**y Language