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Bananarama son un grupo Britanico de chicas formado en 1982. El grupo ha conseguido diez Top 10 en las listas UK de singles y tres en las de USA. Alguno de sus mas grandes exitos internacionales son "Cruel Summer", "Venus", "Love in the First Degree" y "I Heard a Rumour". Inicios [editar] Después de haber empezado cantando en fiestas en casas de amigos, compañeros y en nightclubs, donde el acompañamiento estaba todo grabado en una cinta y ninguna de ellas tocaba ningún instrumento Bananarama is a British Pop/Hi-NRG/Dance duo of singer-songwriters, formerly a trio, that formed in London, United Kingdom in 1981. Originally formed by members are Sarah Dallin, Siobhan Fahey and Keren Woodward. Early successful singles were collaborations with Fun Boy Three. They built their success on albums released during the 80's, with their most successful being the Wow! album. Guinness Book of World Records listed Bananarama as the most successful British girl group in history.

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Bananarama, Venus, Cruel Summer, Love In The First Degree, Robert De Niro's Waiting, I Heard a Rumour, Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye), Shy Boy, I Want You Back, Move In My Direction, Nathan Jones, Love, Truth and Honesty, I Can't Help It, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, Trick of the Night, Help, Rough Justice, Love in the First Degree (Eurobeat Style), Aie A Mwana, Really Saying Something, More, More, More, Only Your Love, Preacher Man, I Heard a Rumor, Long Train Running, Movin' On, Love, Truth & Honesty, Venus [September 1986], Look on the Floor (Hypnotic Tango), Feel For You, Venus (12" Hellfire Mix), Do Not Disturb, Lovebite, Frequency, A Trick Of The Night, More Than Physical, It Aint What You Do, Look On The Floor, Last Thing on My Mind, Young at Heart, Don't Step On My Groove, Cheers Then, I Love The Way, It Ain't What You Do, Love Comes, Waterfall, State I'm In, King Of The Jungle, What A Shambles, Every Shade of Blue, Bad For Me, Really Saying Something (Solasso Mix), Rules Of Attraction, Your Love Is Like A Drug, Once In A Lifetime, Doctor Love, Dream Baby, Baby It's Christmas, True Confessions, Hooked On Love, The Wild Life, Love Don't Live Here, Dance With a Stranger, Ready Or Not, Na Na Hey Hey, Link, He Was Really Sayin' Somethin', Na Na Na Hey Hey, MIddle Of Nowhere, Hey Young London, Wish You Were Here, Boy Trouble, Through a Child's Eyes, Promised Land, Hot Line To Heaven, Preacher Man (7-inch mix), Heartless, Rapture, Shy Boy (Don't It Make You Feel Good), In A Perfect World, Some Girls, Let Me Love You One More Time, Give It All Up For Love, Robert Deniro's Waiting, Cairo, No Feelings, Riskin' A Romance, The Runner, I'm your venus, Strike It Rich, Cut Above The Rest, Push!, Tripping On Your Love, I Heard a Rumour (Horoscope mix), Live Now, Seventeen, Is Your Love Strong Enough, Tell Me Tomorrow, I Can't Let You Go