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Babyshambles es la banda del ex-miembro de The Libertines, Pete Doherty. Fue formada en 2003, cuando aún tocaba con la banda antes mencionada. Tras su separación, en 2004, realizó una enorme gira por Gran Bretaña. Su sencillo Killamangiro llegó a ocupar el número uno en varias listas de popularidad británicas. En el verano de 2005, el grupo se metió al estudio para grabar su primer disco de larga duración, producido por Mick Jones. El primer sencillo de este álbum Fuck Forever tuvo una impresionante acogida en el Reino Unido Babyshambles are a band formed in London, England by Peter Doherty (Pete) as a side-project to (and later full time after departing) The Libertines. The band's first single, Babyshambles, was released in April 2004 on High Society Records. Fewer than 1,000 copies of the CD and 7" were released and both can now be found changing hands for more than £50 on internet auction sites such as eBay. During September and October 2004 Babyshambles embarked on a UK tour culminating in two sold-out shows at the London Scala.

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Babyshambles, Delivery, Fuck Forever, Carry On Up The Morning, You Talk, There She Goes, Side Of The Road, Killamangiro, French Dog Blues, Baddie's Boogie, UnBiloTitled, Unstookie Titled, Lost Art Of Murder, Albion, Deft Left Hand, Crumb Begging Baghead, Pipedown, La Belle et la Bête, 8 Dead Boys, In Love With a Feeling, Back From the Dead, What Katy Did Next, Loyalty Song, A'Rebours, Pentonville, Merry Go Round, Up the Morning, The 32nd of December, I Wish, Baddies Boogie, The Blinding, Sticks and Stones, Beg, Steal or Borrow, Sticks & Stones, Sedative, Love You But You're Green, Nothing Comes To Nothing, Janie Jones (Strummerville), The 32 of December, Crumb Begging, The Man Who Came To Stay, Fall From Grace, Fireman, Do You Know Me, Farmer's Daughter, New Pair, East Of Eden, Dr. No, Picture Me In A Hospital, Gang of Gin, Lust of the Libertines, Maybelline, Sequel To The Prequel, Penguins, You Talk (Album Version), Killamangiro (XFM Live Sessions Version), Minefield, Seven Shades, Babyshambles, Another Girl Another Planet, Unbilo Titled, From Bollywood to Battersea, A’rebours, What Katie Did Next, Cuckoo, Stranger in my own skin, The Very Last Boy Alive, After Hours, My Darling Clementine, Monkey Casino, F**k Forever, Janie Jones, Clementine, Black Boy Lane, Stone Me, I Love You (But You're Green), Arebours, Beg, Steal and Borrow, Wolfman, Blackboy Lane, New Love Grows On Trees, I Love You But You're Green, A Little Death Around The Eyes, Revelations, La Belle Et Las Bete, Smashing, Unstookietitled, At the Flophouse, Love on the Dole, Pipey Magraw, I Wish (Mik's Vocal Version), Skag and Bone Man, Bacardi, Carry On Up The Morning (Live at The S.E.C.C.), There She Goes (Demo), Delivery (Live at The S.E.C.C.), Why Did You Break My Heart / Piracy, What Katie Did, He Will Fall