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Awolnation es el proyecto de rock electronico en solitario de Aaron bruno, anteriormente miembro de Under the Influence of Giants, Hometown Here y Insurgence. La banda forma parte de Red Bull Records y su primer EP, Back from Earth, se lanzó en iTunes el 18 de mayo de 2010. AWOLNATION is an American indie rock band from Los Angeles, CA, USA, active since 2009, and is the solo project of Aaron Bruno, formerly of Under the Influence of Giants and Home Town Hero. The Sail Songfacts reports that Bruno used to leave high school without saying goodbye to his friends because it was easier, so they used to nickname him 'Awol' (absence without leave). When Bruno decided to form his own band, he decided to name it after his high school moniker.

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Awolnation, Sail, Kill Your Heroes, Not Your Fault, Guilty Filthy Soul, Burn It Down, Wake Up, Soul Wars, Jump On My Shoulders, All I Need, Megalithic Symphony, People, Knights Of Shame, Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf), Run, I'm On Fire - From The "Fifty Shades of Grey" Soundtrack, Woman Woman, I Am, THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT, MF, Sail - Unlimited Gravity Remix, Windows, Jailbreak, Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix), Swinging from the Castles, Burn It Down (Innerpartysystem Remix), Fat Face, Some Kind of Joke, I've Been Dreaming, Headrest For My Soul, Dreamers, KOOKSEVERYWHERE!!!, Everybody's Got a Secret, Holy Roller, Like People, Like Plastic, Lie Love Live Love, I'm on Fire, Shoestrings, Drinking Lightning, Sail (Feed Me Remix), Burn It Down - InnerPartySystem Remix, Sail - LED Remix, I'm On Fire (From The "Fifty Shades of Grey" Soundtrack), Sail (Radio Edit), Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix), Sail - Edition Analogue by B. Earnd, Sail - Glitch Hop Remix Mongoose, Sail - Innerpartysystem Remix, Guilty Filthy Soul (feat. Walé) - Samantha Ronson Remix, Guilty Filthy Soul (Samantha Ronson Remix feat. Walé), Sail (Feed Me Luxe Remix), Sail (Dan The Automator Remix), Run (Beautiful Things), Sail - MiSZap Remix, Sail (LED Remix), Sail - Dan The Automator Remix, Sail (Innerpartysystem Remix), Not Your Fault (Robert Delong Remix), Sail (Borgore Pop The Sweating I'm Sailing Remix), Some Sort Of Creature, Soul Wars - Live in Salzburg, Austria, Sail - Feed Me Remix, My Nightmare's Dream, Jump on My Shoulders (Thomas from Ghostland Observatory Remix), Sail - Tde Remix Featuring Kendrick Lamar & Ab Soul, Sail (WhiteNoise Remix), Everybody’s Got a Secret, Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) [Goshfather & Jinco Remix], Sail - Borgore Pop the Sweating I'm Sailing Remix, Run (Beautiful Things) [Like Remix], I Am (Steve Aoki Remix), Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) [Unlimited Gravity Remix], Sail (Bass Machines Remix), Sail - Live From Summit Music Hall, KOOKSEVERYWHERE!!!!, Guilty Filthy Soul - Live From Summit Music Hall, Sail (Omega Remix), Kill Your Heroes - Live From Summit Music Hall, Not Your Fault - Robert Delong Remix, Run (Beautiful Things) [Highsociety Remix], Sail (Tde Remix feat. Kendrick Lamar & AB Soul), Guilty Filthy Soul - Samantha Ronson Remix Featuring Wale, Sail (DJ Slink Remix), People - Thomas from Ghostland Observatory Remix, Sail (Slim Thugz Remix), Guilty Filthy Soul (feat. Wale) (Sam Ronson Remix), Sail - Live from Spotify Stockholm, All I Need - Live From Summit Music Hall, Soul Wars - Live From Summit Music Hall, I Am (Mike D Remix), Burn It Down - Live From Summit Music Hall, Kill Your Heroes (Live in Toronto), Run (Kill the Noise Remix), Sail (Unlimited Gravity Dubstep Remix), Sail (TDE Remix Featuring Kendrick Lamar & Ab-Soul), Not Your Fault (Live in Toronto), Sail (Feed Me Luxe Edit), Guilty Filthy Soul - Samantha Ronson Remix feat. Walé, People (Live in Toronto)