Biografía de este autor : Band Interests: Cooking, Mother India, Coke in glass bottles, Oreo's, Caesars, Apple products, Red Bull, Protools HD, Xbox 360, Plaid, Flannel, The Upper West Partition, Anything but rave please, Scary movies, Early afternoons, Atlanta, Scotland, Working for a record label, Winter jackets, Bad hair cuts. Shit that doesn't matter. Biography: David and Keith met 18 years ago on a play ground in the west end of Toronto, and have ever since been on a hustle known to few.

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Autoerotique, I Get Up, Bubonic, Badman - Torro Torro Remix, Gladiator, Count On You, Turn Up the Volume, Bubonic (Drop the Lime remix), Asphyxiation, Count On You - Radio Edit, AUH, Ratchet, Gladiator (Steve Aoki x DJ AM Remix), Bubonic (Mustard Pimp Remix), OTF, Streets, EKG, Gladiator (Depressed Buttons Remix), The Sound (feat. Major Lazer), Turn Up The Volume (Original Mix), Run For Cover, Bring That Beat Back (Tiesto Edit), Gladiator - AC Slater Remix, The Alarm (Charlie Darker Remix), Gladiator (Klever Remix), Gladiator (Steve Aoki & Dj AM Remix), Count on You - Original Mix, Slew Dem, K*M*A*, Bring That Beat Back (Tiësto Edit), Gladiator (Blogula Remix), Badman - Original Mix, Gladiator (Milano Remix), Freak, The Alarm (Keys n Krates Remix), The Alarm, Asphyxiation - LOUDPVCK Remix, Play It Again - Original Mix, LYAOF - Original Mix, Lzrfnk, Apollo, Reverse, ILYSM, Ratchet - Autoerotique VIP, Bukem - Original Mix, Freak (Sound Of Stereo Remix), Freak (Gingy Remix), WTF (K-Mac Trap Remix), Play It Again, Roll The Drums (feat. Marissa Jack) [Clockwork Remix], BE THERE, LZR BASS - Original Mix, Streets - EXSSV Remix, Turn Up The Volume (Joachim Garraud Remix), AutoErotique - Gladiator (Steve Aoki & Dj AM Remix), WTF, Roll the Drums (JFK Edit), Badman - J-Trick Remix, WTF (Original Mix), Roll the Drums Feat. Marissa Jack, EKG (Original Mix), Little Bit - Lykke Li (AutoErotique Bootleg Remix), Nasty - Original Mix, The Alarm - Charlie Darker Remix, Ready or Not, Badman - Bare Remix, GO! - Original Mix, Nasty, Asphyxiation (LOUDPVCK Remix), AUH - Hearts Remix, Asphyxiation (Original Mix), Gladiator - Original, AUH - TheElement Remix, The Alarm - Keys N Krates Remix, Gladiator (AC Slater Remix), Gladiator (Torro Torro Remix), Asphyxiation - Botnek Remix, Play It Again (original mix), WTF (VCO Remix), Asphyxiation - Uberjak'd Remix, LZR BASS - Ape Drums Remix, Roll the Drums (Instrumental Dub), Freak (Poupon Remix), Hey You, Hey Me (LOL), Freak (TAI Remix), Bubonic (Original Mix), Roll the Drums (feat. Marissa Jack) - Clockwork Remix, Gladiator (DJ AM & Steve Aoki remix), Roll The Drums (Torro Torro Remix), Part Of Me - Chris Cornell (AutoErotique Remix), Badman (Torro Torro Remix), Count On You (Original Mix), Gladiator (Original), Roll the Drums (feat. Marissa Jack) - Torro Torro Remix, Turn Up The Volume (Torro Torro/Billy Gent Mix), Asphyxiation (Botnek Remix), WTF (Damaged Goods), Turn Up the Vol. (Original Mix), Nasty (Original Mix)