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Compuesto por Slug a.k.a. Sean Daley en la voz y Ant a.k.a. Anthony Davis en la produccion musical, es uno de los grupos mas emergentes del midwest rap de USA, que se dio a conocer lentamente en el ambiente, pero que hoy ha tenido un vertiginoso avance siendo uno de los integrantes mas reconocidos de Rhymesayers Label. Corrian los años 96' y 97' donde el movimiento hip hop retoma fuerza en USA de la mano de Company Flow, 2Pac, Mos Def entre otros Mc's There are, at least, four artists known as Atmosphere: 1) An American alternative rap band. 2) A Polish rock band. 3) An Italian disco group. 4) A Vietnamese metal band. 1) The Minnesota underground hip-hop group was formed around 1994. At its creation, the group was called "Urban Atmosphere". Unlike many hip hop groups, Atmosphere provides its own live instrumentation, usually consisting of bass guitar and drums. Atmosphere originally consisted of Spawn (MC), ANT (producer) and Slug (DJ, at the time).

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Atmosphere, Yesterday, Sunshine, Trying to Find a Balance, You, Puppets, Modern Man's Hustle, Guarantees, Godlovesugly, Painting, Shoulda Known, Lovelife, Like the Rest of Us, Your Glasshouse, The Waitress, Dreamer, Fuck You Lucy, Me, The Skinny, Always Coming Back Home to You, Wild Wild Horses, Onemosphere, In Her Music Box, Smart Went Crazy, The Arrival, One of a Kind, Saves the Day, The Best Day, Hair, The Bass and the Movement, Give Me, A Girl Named Hope, Can't Break, A Song About a Friend, Reflections, Breathing, Guns and Cigarettes, Vampires, Pour Me Another, Say Hey There, Don't Ever Fucking Question That, The Woman with the Tattooed Hands, Tears for the Sheep, Gotta Lotta Walls, History, Apple, Little Man, Flesh, Get Fly, Like Today, National Disgrace, Shrapnel, Sound Is Vibration, Between the Lines, Shoes, Angelface, Panic Attack, She's Enough, Musical Chairs, Scapegoat, Watch Out, Los Angeles, Suicidegirls, Hockey Hair, If I Was Santa Claus, That Night, Blamegame, Cats Van Bags, Jason, Bird Sings Why the Caged I Know, The Last to Say, Liquor Lyles Cool July, In My Continental, Bam, Godlovesugly Reprise, Free or Dead, The Keys to Life Vs. 15 Minutes of Fame, It Goes, To All My Friends, Good Times (Sick Pimpin'), Became, Nothing but Sunshine, Denvemolorado, My Key, Just for Show, 1597, Complications, Aspiring Sociopath, Party For the Fight to Write, Lost and Found, Lifter Puller, God Loves Ugly, The Loser Wins, Camera Thief, Freefallin', Bad Bad Daddy, Millennium Dodo, My Notes, Who I'll Never Be