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"Aminé is a hiphop/reggae singer/songwriter. Ethiopian and born and raised in Portland, Oregon, 20 year-old rising hip-hop star Aminé’s (uh-mean-aye) varied roots are just as complex as his unique and self-described “On Cloud Nine” musical styling; a styling that pushes listeners to the edge and seamlessly merges lyrical rap over melodic melodies." source:

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Aminé, Caroline, REDMERCEDES, Heebiejeebies, Baba, Blinds, Turf, Wedding Crashers, REDMERCEDES - Remix, La Danse (Prod. Kaytranada), Red Mercedes, REDMERCEDES Remix (feat. Missy Elliott & AJ Tracey), Heebiejeebies (feat. Kehlani), YeYe (Prod. Kaytranada), Beast (Prod. Pasqué), La Danse (Prod. Kaytranda), Rage / Peace (Prod. Tek.Lun), Brightwood (Prod. Pasqué & BOYBEATSWORLD), Everlast (Prod. Aminé), Zzzz (Prod. Aminé), Wedding Crashers (feat. Offset), Said & Done (Prod. Pasqué), Not At All (Kaytranada Remix), Buckwild, Summer Feelz, La Danse, Caroline (Live On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon), Buckwild (Prod. Kaytranada), REDMERCEDES (Remix) (feat. Missy Elliott & AJ Tracey), Caroline (Video In Description), Turf (Stripped) (Vevo LIFT), Heebiejeebies (feat. Kehlani) [Bonus], Beast, YeYe, Le Danse (Prod. Kaytranada), Zzzz, Brightwood, Rage / Peace, Summer Feelz (Prod. Pasqué), Everlast, Said & Done, Caroline [Explicit], Caroline (soupandreas Remix), Heebiejeebies feat. Kehlani (/Lyrics!), Brightwood (Prod. Pasqué & Boybeatsworld, REDMERCEDES (Remix) [feat. Missy Elliott & AJ Tracey], Not At All - KAYTRANADA (Aminé Remix), REDMERCEDES (Remix), Plastic Life, REDMERCEDES (Feat. Missy Elliott & AJ Tracey) (Remix), REDMERCEDES Remix (feat. Missy Elliott &, REDMERCEDES (feat. Missy Elliott & AJ Tracey) [Remix], Caroline (Live On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/2016), Caroline (Explicit), Contradiction, Caroline (Prod by Aminé & Paqué), Caroline ( In Description), En Vogue, Oregon Fair, Caroline - Revised Edited, O T M, Darksiiiide, Becoming (Vevo LIFT), Heebiejeebies feat. Kehlani, REDMERCEDES (Explicit), OTM (Prod. By Irvin Mejia), Beast prod. by Pasqué, Game Needs Me, La Danse (Prod. by Kaytranada), Aminé - Caroline, Caroline (Revised Edited), Rage/Peace, Turf (Stripped), I Know It (Prod. By Amine), Contradiction (Prod. By Jahosh), Heebiejeebies ft. Kehlani, En Vogue [prod. Jahosh], Caroline [Hiko Momoji Remix], Tied In (feat. Muna), Oregon Fair [prod. Jahosh], Plastic Life [prod. Jahosh], Aminé - Not At All (KAYTRANADA Remix), I Know It, YeYe (Lean Quatifah & Cautious Clay Remix), REDMERCEDES (Audio), SpaceShip, JustAnotherFridayNight, Partyottieottie, Can I Cuuuut, Get Down (ft. Emily Libera) [prod. Jahosh], Lovin' It, REDMERCEDES (Remix) [feat. Missy Elliott, Tied In (ft. MUNA) [prod. Brandon Combs], OMW, Le Danse, Redmercedes [Explicit], My Emotions, Emotional Relief, Aminé: Good For You Pt. 1