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"Aminé is a hiphop/reggae singer/songwriter. Ethiopian and born and raised in Portland, Oregon, 20 year-old rising hip-hop star Aminé’s (uh-mean-aye) varied roots are just as complex as his unique and self-described “On Cloud Nine” musical styling; a styling that pushes listeners to the edge and seamlessly merges lyrical rap over melodic melodies." source:

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Aminé, Caroline, REDMERCEDES, Baba, Heebiejeebies, La Danse (Prod. Kaytranada), Red Mercedes, REDMERCEDES Remix (feat. Missy Elliott & AJ Tracey), YeYe (Prod. Kaytranada), REDMERCEDES - Remix, Beast (Prod. Pasqué), La Danse (Prod. Kaytranda), Rage / Peace (Prod. Tek.Lun), Brightwood (Prod. Pasqué & BOYBEATSWORLD), Not At All (Kaytranada Remix), Everlast (Prod. Aminé), Zzzz (Prod. Aminé), Said & Done (Prod. Pasqué), Buckwild, La Danse, Summer Feelz, Caroline (Live On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon), Caroline (Video In Description), Le Danse (Prod. Kaytranada), Buckwild (Prod. Kaytranada), Heebiejeebies (feat. Kehlani), Beast, Zzzz, YeYe, Brightwood, Summer Feelz (Prod. Pasqué), Everlast, Rage / Peace, Said & Done, Caroline [Explicit], Caroline (soupandreas Remix), REDMERCEDES (Remix) (Feat. Missy Elliott & AJ Tracey), Not At All - KAYTRANADA (Aminé Remix), Plastic Life, Brightwood (Prod. Pasqué & Boybeatsworld, REDMERCEDES Remix (feat. Missy Elliott &, Caroline (Explicit), Contradiction, Caroline - Revised Edited, Caroline (Prod by Aminé & Paqué), Caroline ( In Description), En Vogue, Oregon Fair, Redmercedes (feat. Missy Elliott & AJ Tracey) [Remix], O T M, Darksiiiide, REDMERCEDES (Remix), Beast prod. by Pasqué, La Danse (Prod. by Kaytranada), Aminé - Caroline, Caroline (Revised Edited), Rage/Peace, En Vogue [prod. Jahosh], Oregon Fair [prod. Jahosh], Tied In (feat. Muna), Caroline [Hiko Momoji Remix], Plastic Life [prod. Jahosh], Game Needs Me, Aminé - Not At All (KAYTRANADA Remix), I Know It, YeYe (Lean Quatifah & Cautious Clay Remix), SpaceShip, JustAnotherFridayNight, REDMERCEDES (Remix) [feat. Missy Elliott & AJ Tracey], Partyottieottie, Can I Cuuuut, Get Down (ft. Emily Libera) [prod. Jahosh], Lovin' It, REDMERCEDES (Explicit), Tied In (ft. MUNA) [prod. Brandon Combs], OMW, OTM (Prod. By Irvin Mejia), Le Danse, My Emotions, Emotional Relief, Darksiiiide (Prod. By Irvin Mejia), Contradiction (Prod. By Jahosh), Can I Cuuuut (Prod. By Zilla), OMW (Prod. By Amine), Get Down (feat. Emily Libera), Can't Get Close (Prod. By Jahosh), Game Needs Me [prod. Jahosh], Mr. Nobody (ft. Neka) [prod. Jahosh], 25 Feat. Tos (Prod By. Jahosh), REDMERCEDES (Audio), I Know It (Prod. By Amine), 25 (feat. Tos), Feelin' Like (feat. Che), Rage / Peace (Prod. by TEK.LUN), Big Talk, Short Walk, Big Talk, Short Walk (Prod. By Jahosh), Can't Get Close, Lovin' It (Prod. By Irvin Mejia), Redmercedes [Explicit]