Alessia Cara

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Alessia Cara nació en Canadá (nacido Alessia Caracciolo el 11 de julio, 1996) es una cantante y compositora canadiense de Toronto, Canadá. Ella se firma actualmente a EP Entretenimiento / Def Jam Recordings y es mejor conocido por aquí, su primer single de su próximo álbum. Antes de su trabajo con EP Entretenimiento / Def Jam, Cara era conocida por su canción acústica cubre en YouTube.Born en Brampton, Ontario, escribió poesía y teatro hizo a una edad temprana. Alessia Cara (born Alessia Caracciolo on July 11, 1996) is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. She is currently signed to EP Entertainment/Def Jam Recordings and is best known for Here, her debut single from her upcoming album. Prior to her work with EP Entertainment/Def Jam, Cara was known for her acoustic song covers on YouTube. Born in Brampton, Ontario, she wrote poetry and did theater at a young age. At 10, she began playing guitar and taught herself how to play various songs.

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Alessia Cara, Here, Wild Things, Scars To Your Beautiful, Seventeen, How Far I'll Go - From "Moana", I'm Yours, Outlaws, Stone, Four Pink Walls, Overdose, Stars, River of Tears, My Song, How Far I'll Go - From "Vaiana", How Far I'll Go - Alessia Cara Version, Here - 2:00 AM Version, Here (Lucian Remix), Alessia Cara Version - From "Moana", Wild Things - Acoustic Version, Here (2:00 AM Version), Stone (feat. Sebastian Kole), How Far I'll Go (Alessia Cara Version), I'm Yours - Original Version, Wild Things - Remix, Wild Things - Young Bombs Remix, How Far I'll Go, Wild Things - MK Remix, Scars To Your Beautiful - Cages Remix, Here - Jaden Smith Remix, Wild Things - NuKid Remix, Scars To Your Beautiful - NOTD Remix, Wild Things (Acoustic Version), Scars To Your Beautiful - Luca Schreiner Remix, Here - Imanos & Gramercy Remix, Scars To Your Beautiful - Joe Mason Remix, Here - Logic Remix, Alessia Cara Version - Alessia Cara Version, How Far I'll Go (From "Moana"), I’m Yours, Wild Things (NuKid Remix), Here - Chris Lorenzo Remix, Scars to Your Beautiful (Joe Mason Remix), I'm Yours (Live), Wild Things (Feat. G-Eazy), Scars To Your Beautiful (NOTD Remix), I'm Yours (Original Version), Wild Things (Feat. G-Eazy) (Young Bombs Remix), Scars To Your Beautiful - recycle jordan Remix, How Far I'll Go - From "Oceania", Stone [feat. Sebastian Kole], Scars to Your Beatiful, Bad Blood (Taylor Swift cover) - Radio 1's Piano Sessions, Here (Mickey Valen Remix), Wild Things - Alternate Version, Here (Vincent Remix), Here (Chris Lorenzo Remix), Wild Things (feat. G-Eazy) [Remix], Wild Things (MK Remix), Scars To Your Beautiful (Luca Schreiner Remix), Wild Things (feat. G-Eazy) [Young Bombs Remix], I'm Yours (Demo), Alessia Cara Version (Alessia Cara Version), Scars To Your Beautiful (JELLYFYSH Remix), Here (Live From The Ellen Show), Here (Vincent Remix) [128], Wild Things (Remix) (feat. G-Eazy), Stone ft. Sebastian Kole, Hotline Bling (Drake cover in the Live Lounge), Here (Imanos & Gramercy Remix), Here (remix), Bad Blood (Taylor Swift cover), Here (Logic Remix) [feat. Logic], Scars To Your Beautiful (Recycle Jordan Remix), Here (Jaden Smith Remix) [feat. Jaden Smith], Here (Logic Remix), Here Lucian Remix, Alessia Cara Here (Lucian Remix), Here (Jaden Smith Remix), Here (Clean), Hotline Bling (Live from BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge), Alessia Cara - Here, Hotline Bling (Acoustic Cover), I’m Yours (Official Audio), Here (Lucian Remix) - Single, Sweater Weather, Scars To Your Beautiful (Cages Remix), Here (Wobblebot Remix), Magnets (Disclosure & Lorde cover in the Live Lounge), Hotline Bling, Hotline Bling (Drake Cover), Seventeen (Official Audio), How Far I'll Go (OST Moana), Here (Remix) [feat. Logic], Wild Things (Young Bombs Remix) (feat. G-Eazy), Four Pink Walls (Official Audio), Here (Vevo Presents) ft. Troye Sivan, How Far I'll Go - エンドソング, Bad Blood