Alessia Cara

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Alessia Cara nació en Canadá (nacido Alessia Caracciolo el 11 de julio, 1996) es una cantante y compositora canadiense de Toronto, Canadá. Ella se firma actualmente a EP Entretenimiento / Def Jam Recordings y es mejor conocido por aquí, su primer single de su próximo álbum. Antes de su trabajo con EP Entretenimiento / Def Jam, Cara era conocida por su canción acústica cubre en YouTube.Born en Brampton, Ontario, escribió poesía y teatro hizo a una edad temprana. Alessia Cara (born Alessia Caracciolo on July 11, 1996) is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. She is currently signed to EP Entertainment/Def Jam Recordings and is best known for Here, her debut single from her upcoming album. Prior to her work with EP Entertainment/Def Jam, Cara was known for her acoustic song covers on YouTube. Born in Brampton, Ontario, she wrote poetry and did theater at a young age. At 10, she began playing guitar and taught herself how to play various songs.

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