Adam Faith

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Es un cantante británico nacido en 1940. su nombre real es Terence Nelhams. Comienza con una banda de "Skiffle". Después de 2 éxitos "Waht Do You Want" y "Poor Me", se convierte en ídolo juvenil, tras Cliff Richard. A mitad de los años 60 deja la música e inicia una carrera como actor, productor y cazatalentos. Terence (Terry) Nelhams-Wright, known as Adam Faith (June 23, 1940—March 8, 2003) was an English singer, actor and financial journalist. He was born in Acton in West London, and was unaware that his real surname was Nelhams-Wright until he applied for a passport and obtained his birth certificate. He was known as Terry Nelhams in early life.

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