Action Bronson

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Action was born and raised in Flushing, Queens. He is of Albanian and Jewish descent. He used to be a respected fire-flame gourmet chef in New York City, but gave up cooking for a rap career and still frequently raps about food in his songs. He initially gained notoriety lyrically and stylistically resembling to rapper Ghostface Killah (whom he collaborated with, along with friend, and fellow rapper Termanology on a song called "Meteor Hammer" on Wu-Tang Clan's 2011 album Legendary Weapons).

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Action Bronson, Baby Blue (feat. Chance The Rapper), Easy Rider, Actin Crazy, Strictly 4 My Jeeps, Terry, Brand New Car, The Rising (feat. Big Body Bes), The Rockers feat. Wiz Khalifa, Triple Backflip, Falconry (feat. Meyhem Lauren & Big Body Bes), Only In America (feat. Party Supplies), No Time, Alligator, Shiraz Produced By Action Bronson, Standing In The Rain (with Mark Ronson & Dan Auerbach), City Boy Blues, A Light In the Addict (feat. Party Supplies and Black Atlass), Galactic Love, Steve Wynn, Muslim Wedding, Tan Leather, The Come Up, Larry Csonka, Shiraz, Barry Horowitz, Double Breasted, 72 Virgins (feat. Big Body Bes), Hookers At the Point, East Bound And Down, 9-24-11, Pouches Of Tuna ft. Roc Marciano, Thug Love Story 2012, Brunch, Moonstruck, THUG LOVE STORY 2017 THE MUSICAL - interlude, The Madness, Dreamer, Ron Simmons, Ronnie Coleman, Seven Series Triplets (feat. Prodigy and Raekwon), Intercontinental Champion, 103 And Roosy, Buddy Guy, Blue Chips, Imported Goods Produced By Falside, The Rockers - feat. Wiz Khalifa, Tapas, T.K.O Feat Uncle Pauly Produced Don Producci, Beautiful Music, 5 Minute Beats 1 Take Raps, Forbidden Fruit, The Passage - Live From Prague, Get Off My P.P., Expensive Pens ft. Meyhem Lauren, Arts & Leisure ft. Kool AD, Growin Up, Muslim (Wedding Instrumental), Nordic Wind, Actin' Crazy, 85 Barritz BRO-HAM, Borderline, 72 Virgins - feat. Big Body Bes, Pepe Lopez, Eastern Promises, Bronson Maina Produced By P.F. Cuttin, A Light In the Addict (feat. Party Supplies & Black Atlass), Muslim Wedding (Dirty), The Symbol, Aged Manchego, Dabble In Truffles Produced By R Thentic, It Concerns Me, Imported Goods, Practice, Mofongo Feat Shaz One Produced By Action Bronson, Contemporary Man, City Boy Blues (Feat. Chauncy Sherod), Midget Cough, Marijuana Bronson, Bronson Hard Lemonade, Descendant Of The Stars (Traveling The Stars Theme), Amadu Diablo, Fuck Me Till I Die Feat Meyhem Lauren , Jay Steele , A.K.A. Mr, Friendly Fire, The Team, I Remember, Galatic Love, I Adore You, Thug Love Story 2017 (The Musical) [Interlude], Rare Chandeliers, On The Real, Body Language Feat Science, Chilli Chicken Hakka Style, Durag vs. Headband (feat. Big Body Bes), THUG LOVE STORY 2017 THE MUSICAL (interlude), Albino Gorilla Feat Meyhem Lauren & J-LOVE Produced By J-LOVE, What About The Rest Of Us, Get Off The P.P. Produced By Tommy Mas, The Passage [Live From Prague]